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Justice for
James Williams

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Justice for James

James Williams, was a 46 year old husband and father who was brutally shot and killed in his own backyard by Canton, Ohio Police Officer Robert A. Huber  just after midnight on New Year's Day 2022. We are asking for your help in demanding Justice for James!


We need your help advocating for justice!

The Canton Police Department and the City of Canton have been anything but transparent ever since James was killed; and because of their lack of transparency, the community and family came together to find out who murdered James. The community uncovered that Robert A. Huber was the officer that killed James. It took over a month for CPD to release and confirm the name of the officer as Robert A. Huber. Then, it wasn't discovered until the beginning of March that CPD allowed Robert Huber to return to work just 16 days after he shot and killed James Williams when the family was told that he would remain on administrative leave until the conclusion of the Ohio BCI investigation.


Police officers should not be "above the law"! The law should apply equally to them as it would any other murder suspect. We DEMAND transparency and accountability! Join us in the fight for justice! Learn more at the link below.

The Team

A huge thank you to our local community activists, organizers, and legal team.

Sierra Mason: Activist, Entrepreneur, and Founder of Consistency Speaks

Destinee Stark: Activist and Entrepreneur

Photos by Joseph Butts: Persistent Media

Legal Team: Blakemore, Meeker, & Bowler Co

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