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Justice for James Action Plan

On January 1, 2022 at 12:06 a.m., James Williams was celebrating New Year's Day by firing his rifle into the air when he was shot and killed in his own backyard by Officer Robert Huber of the Canton Police Department (CPD). Many Canton residents were doing the same thing that night but James Williams was the only person to be killed by CPD. The people of State of Ohio, through the Ohio General Assembly, have determined that it is not unlawful to discharge a firearm on your own property, according to Ohio Revised Code (O.R.C) 2923.162 (B)(2).

Ohio Revised Code 2923.162;

(A) No person shall do any of the following:

(2) Subject to division (B)(2) of this section, discharge a firearm on a lawn, park, pleasure ground, orchard, or other ground appurtenant to a schoolhouse, church, or inhabited dwelling, the property of another, or a charitable instituion;

(B)(2) Division (A)(2) of this section does not apply to a person who owns any type of property described in that division and who, while on the person's own enclosure, discharges a firearm.

Article XVIII, Section 3 of the Ohio Constitution

According to Article XVIII, Section 3, titled "Municipal Powers of Local Self-Government", of the Ohio Constitution, "Municipalities shall have authority to exercise all powers of local self-government and to adopt and enforce within their limits such local police, sanitary and other similar regulations, as are not in conflict with general laws."

10 Point Action Plan

The family, friends, and supporters of James Williams demand Justice for James!


Immediately release all 911 calls regarding gunfire in the area that night. 


Immediately release all CPD dispatch records regarding the James Williams incident.


Immediately release all dash camera videos from the CPD officers on the scene, unedited.


Immediately release all body camera videos from the CPD officers on the scene, unedited.


Immediately return the security camera recordings taken from the Williams' home.


Immediately release any written or oral instructions from the CPD Chief of Police given to his officers instructing them on how to respond to celebratory gunfire. 


Immediately release a public condemnation of the reckless and deadly conduct of the CPD Officer who killed James Williams by blindly firing through a wood fence. 


Immediately terminate the employment of Officer Robert Huber who blindly, recklessly and fatally shot James Williams through a wooden fence.


Immediately bring appropriate criminal charges against Officer Robert Huber who shot and killed James Williams in front of his wife and children.

Who to Contact

Canton Police Department

221 3rd St. SW Canton, OH 44702

Phone: 330-649-5800

Twitter: @CantonOhioPD

Facebook: @CantonPD

Instagram: @cantonohiopolice

Canton Police Chief John Gabbard

Phone: 330-489-3111


Canton Mayor Thomas Bernabei

Phone: 330-438-4307


Canton Office of Professional Standards Lt. John Bosley

218 Cleveland Ave. SW, 3rd Floor, Canton, OH 44702

Phone: 330-438-4531 or 330-489-3377


Council Majority Leader Bill Smuckler

Home: 330-305-9640

Mobile: 330-327-2761



Council President William Sherer

Mobile: 330-754-8618

Council Office: 330-489-3223


Stark County Prosecuter Kyle Stone

110 Central Plaza South, Suite 510, Canton, OH 44702

Phone: 330-451-7897


Ohio Attorney General David Yost

30 E. Broad St., 14th Floor Columbus, OH 43215

Phone (Tip Line): 855-224-6446

Ohio BCI Special Agent Charlie Snyder

Phone: 330-884-7529


What to Say

Hello, my name is [YOUR NAME]. I am contacting you today in regards to the officer-involved shooting that resulted in the death of James Williams just after midnight on New Year's Day 2022 in Canton, OH. 

Officer Robert Huber shot blindly, without warning, through a 6 ft. high privacy fence on the victim's property without knowing who or what stood behind it. James Williams was the father of six children, and any one or more of them could have easily been behind that fence. The officer never announced himself or gave any commands prior to engaging his service weapon, and never gave James the opportunity to surrender. This officer not only blatantly ignored department protocol, but he used absolutely NO de-escalation tactics. The outright recklessness and lack of common sense that Officer Huber displayed should not only disqualify him from ever being a police officer again, it should absolutely qualify him for criminal charges. 


I am calling on you to do the right thing and hold Officer Huber accountable for his misconduct by publicly condemning his reckless and negligent conduct, terminating his employment with the Canton Police Department immediately, and indicting him on criminal charges for the murder of James Williams.



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